Trademark protection

Have you secured your target markets?

Without trademark protection, your success is at risk - both in the home market and in the export markets! Without trademark protection, any competitor with a similar brand can force the inventor to change his brand. Therefore: Register first! Those who register too late must fight for their rights in expensive processes.

Trademark protection is like insurance protection. The premium, i.e., the cost of trademark protection, is incurred every 10 years. At the end of the 10-year term of protection, the trademark right may be extended for another or several periods of 10 years - if desired, until all eternity.

The trademark must be registered before someone else does so! Our law firm supports its clients in getting the most out of their trademarks in every market.

On the following pages, we advise you about the Principles of trademark law and give you some insight into court practice based on a few case studies (Rivella / MivellaLevi’s Jeans / New YorkeriPhone app).