Range of Services in Trademark and Domain Name Matters

Trademark searches

  • national, European and worldwide
  • identity or similarity (summary, phonetic)

Trademark monitoring    

  • in selected countries   
  • Europe-wide or worldwide   
  • fully electronic

Trademark applications    

  • worldwide with the national trademark offices
  • application with the EU Intellectual Property Office
  • application with WIPO
  • handling of office actions during the examination procedure
  • handling of the formalities during the registration process   


Domain Name searches and applications

Administrative proceedings with the Swiss TMO / federal administrative court

  • opposition procedure before the Swiss TMO (risk of confusion with preexisting trademarks)
  • cancellation action before the Swiss TMO (lack of trademark use)
  • appeal before the Federal Administrative Court

Licensing agreements and negotiations

Maintaining of your IP rights

  • monitoring of deadlines
  • payment of the renewal fees of your Trademarks(every 10 years)

Enforcement of your Trademarks and Domain Names in court

Domain Names proceedings before WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center