Domain Names

Do you have the most important domain names for your site?

Equipping the company with the right domain names for the future is a management task! But what do you do if the correct names are already owned? Or how do you respond if the desired or even necessary domain is indeed free, but another company has already registered a similar-sounding or similar trademark?

Free domain names without the associated trademark rights are of little use or even dangerous if they infringe foreign trademark rights. Domain names do not confer any protection rights and must yield to older trademarks!

You can no longer get today by without domain names! We support our clients in worldwide research and registration of domain names and the associated trademark rights.

On the following pages, we inform you about the principles of domain name protection in conjunction with trademark rights (Example:Trademark "Swiss Army" and domain " ) and give you some insight into court practice based on a few case studies (“St. Moritz”;“” vs. “”).