You will learn everything about "Swiss Made" and the Swiss cross through our Swissness Desk 

The slogan "where Switzerland is on it, Switzerland must also be in it" means that a "Swissness" sign on a product or in the provision of a service and the offer of goods and services by the buyer is understood to mean that the goods are made in Switzerland or the service is provided in Switzerland. If this is not the case, a "Swissness" mark in terms of trademarks and competition law is deceptive and thus unlawful. Such trademarks may not be registered in the Trademark Register and may not be used in commerce. The term "Swissness" sign stands for all sorts of company names and brands (Swiss Life, Crédit Suisse, Swiss Aqua Technologies AG), slogans (swiss made, Schoeller Switzerland) and logos that contain a word like Schweiz, Switzerland or the Swiss cross Legislators have created a very detailed and unclear set of rules to somewhat soften the rigid 60% or 80% rule for industrial products or foodstuffs with reasonable exceptions and thus to keep them reasonably applicable. While "Swissness" legislation is of central importance to the watch industry, it has created problems, particularly in the food industry and for many industrial products. In particular, it is disputed whether and under what conditions the risk of deception in connection with a "Swissness" sign is eliminated by a reference to the goods and/or packaging "made in China". It is also unclear when a "Swissness" sign is not considered as such, because it is decorative and not used as a geographical indication of source.